Report a Problem

If you notice a structural problem with the buildings please follow the separate procedures below for Emergencies and Other Problems.

Emergencies (including out of hours):

Report the emergency directly to the Concierge

Go to Reception or call on the following numbers:

Phase 1 – 0121 665 6317 and 07870 781 480

Phase 2 – 0121 455 8698 and 07511 039 193

Then the following will occur:

      • Your contact details (Apartment No, Name, Phone No) plus details of the emergency will be requested by the Concierge.
      • The Concierge will call Mainstay – (01905) 357777 who will  arrange for relevant contractors to attend site to carry out remedial works.
      • Depending upon the nature of the emergency, Mainstay may liaise directly with you about the problem.

Please note: this procedure does not apply to any emergency repairs required within Apartments e.g. to boilers, dishwashers, and other appliances, unless other apartments could be affected by it eg flooding, gas escaping.

Other Problems:

Please report the problem using the form below. Clicking on Submit will send an email to the Concierge Team who will log the problem and initiate remedial action.