The RTM Management Companies


Midland Cities Development Ltd (MCD) developed the two phases of KEW using as main contractors Carillion for Phase 1 and Norwest Holst for Phase 2. They set up a two Management Companies to control the running of the development once completed. The informal understanding was that these Management Companies would be handed over to the Leaseholders when all apartments had been sold. By 2010 this had not happened although all apartments had long since been sold.

The original Residents’ Association had battled for many years to get things changed for improved operation of the sites. However, the only effective way of obtaining this objective was to force the handover of the companies using the Right to Manage (RTM) legislation as provided by the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002.

So, two limited companies were formed in 2010 by the Residents’ Association, supported by 65% of Leaseholders, to allow them to have a more direct say in how the site is run.  Control of the development was achieved through the above legal process in March 2010. These companies are referred to as the RTM Management Companies and the supporting Leaseholders were made members of these.

At inception the members of the two boards of directors were:

Phase 1 – Alan Stedall and Giles Berrisford

Phase 2 – Adam Fisher, Mike Langton and Sue Turner.

Current Operation

The current Directors are listed below
(as displayed by Companies House on 27 Apr 19):

Kevin Goodchild – Chairman

Phase 1:

Karen Caine
Kevin Goodchild

Charley Johnston
Nigel O’Connell

Phase 2:

Jerry Houseago
Michael Langton
Andrew Smith
Neera Soni
Mark Wood

In both cases the company secretary is provided by Mainstay Secretaries Limited.

Joint board meetings are held bi-monthly. They are also normally attended by various Mainstay personnel.