Development Manager

The Development Manager is based on site and is the controller of the site and the Concierge Team and is employed by the Managing Agent.

Summary of the Development Manager’s Role:

  • To ensure the effective running of the site
  • To deal empathetically with Residents
  • To manage its staff, security and services
  • To control external contractors and authorised visitors
  • To ensure adherence to the Operations Manual containing best practices
  • To perform the duties of Site Concierge during hours agreed with Management

Specifically the tasks include:

 Overseeing the Concierge and Maintenance Team

  • Ensure team adherence to best working practices
  • Assign routine and non routine tasks
  • Deliver on-site training, including health & safety awareness
  • Listen to team members, seek high motivation and encourage participation in innovation

Dealing with Residents

  • Develop and adopt a friendly but non-familiar, courteous, informative and professional relationship with residents
  • Deal with inappropriate behaviour with firmness and tact

Managing Contractors

  • Assist Management in their appointment
  • Be aware of budgets for non contracted work then minimize and optimise the use and cost of this
  • Check contractor personnel in and out of site
  • Inform and ensure that appropriate care of site assets is exercised
  • Supervise, and insist on and ensure quality of delivery

Health & Safety

  • Review and maintain at all times a robust Health & Safety procedure for the site, including the management of accident reporting.
  • Refer any breeches of health & safety legislation to Management
  • Assess and define appropriate policies and inform contractors and statutory authorities

Maintenance and Emergency Services

  • Be fully conversant with the location, security and operation of M&E systems
  • Ensure that servicing is undertaken in accordance with approved contracts, and records are maintained of all service visits
  • Update the Operations Manual for procedural changes

Incident and Issues Control

  • Ensure that:
    • a computer based control system is implemented and working
    • the Concierge Team is able to operate this
    • the Concierge Team uses the system for all reported or observed non-regular events
    • appropriate and timely action on all logged events is taken by regular scheduled use of the exception reporting and inquiry facilities
    • automatic follow up procedures are in place to progress matters passed to Management
    • progress on Residents’ issues is reported regularly with awareness of seriousness and urgency


  • Ensure the correct functioning of IT systems
  • Train personnel on site in the use of IT systems

Communication with Management

  • Assess the need to refer to Management on non regular happenings on site contacting them as necessary
  • Seek guidance and support from Management in terms of contractor default, breech of the lease and staff problems
  • Advise Management of any matter which may affect the effective management of the site – insurable incidents and damage to the fabric of the site, damage or loss suffered by a resident or authorised visitor to site
  • Institute and operate a reminder mechanism for requests passed to Management

Procurement of Consumables

  • Ensure that sufficient stocks of site consumables are maintained through consultation with the Maintenance Person

 Outside Communication

  • Foster good relations with owners of adjacent land or property, notably Crosby (Special Projects) Ltd, Sherborne Wharf and Canal and River Trust (was British Waterways).