Update on New Birmingham Building Projects

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Metro Extension

Birmingham Metro

Well there’s a lot of digging up of the roads and laying something, I suppose,  but the excavations leave nothing visibly changed. Having rerouted the buses away from Bull Street and Corporation Street, local retail outlets have complained to Council Leader, Sir Albert Bore, about a drastic drop in trade and requesting a reduction in Business Rates. Corporation Street does seem a shadow of its former bustling self where a period of pleasant peacefulness existed for a few weeks but now a symphony of pneumatic drills and heavy earth moving machines characterises the street.

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Snow Hill Phase 3

Snow Hill Nos 2 and 3 reflected in No 1.

Snow Hill Nos 2 and 3 reflected in No 1.

This has shot up since work was restarted in mid 2011 from only the foundations and the lift shafts. It looks almost ready to move into. More photos….

New Street Station

New Street Station Wikipedia

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

This is a massive operation, revamping and extending the existing building. Outside there is very little to show for the work which has gone on so far.
We’re still waiting for the first stainless steel external panel to be fitted – a major design feature.
At the rear Stephenson Tower has been demolished and a lift core is rising in its place. This part of the building will be far larger than the original.
Some photos….

Morrisons Edgbaston

View along Hagley Road from the west.

View along Hagley Road from the west.

Commenced at the start of this year the building is pretty much finished now. It is being fitted out and includes an on-site dry cleaners and a separate garden plant store (not a lot of use to us KEWers!).

I contacted Morissons press office to find the opening date, but they were unable to tell me saying that the person who knows (they gave me her name) is on holiday and will return on Monday. I got the impression they don’t want to make any official statement too far in advance.

My guess is that stocking of merchandise should start soon and it will open by November 1st latest. More photos….

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