Update on Birmingham Building Projects

Grand Hotel

I’m in touch with Tony Green, Chief Executive of Hortons’ Estate, the owners and developers and he tells me:

“Things are continuing to progress on the existing façade works and we are about to ask for permission to extend them to include all of Church Street.”

Doesn’t sound like any great snags have come to light. It is currently covered with scaffolding shrouded in white canvas (I think) behind which a lot of stone masonry is  going on.

I am lucky enough to be offered a trip up the scaffolding to observe the operations on 10 June so I hope to get some action photos then for the July eMag.

Meanwhile I have been sent four recent photos shown below. You can see how the stone has to be taken back to a sound core then brought back to the required shape superbly.

Snow Hill Phase 3 and the Green Wall

No2 Snow Hill is completed on the outside and looks almost so inside from what I can see, but I may be wrong.

The occupants of No1 and No2 buildings have now got something to watch growing in that a green wall has been erected along the boundary of the Snow Hill station and alongside the path of the Metro extension.

There is also a lawn along the line of the Metro extension. Can’t help feeling occupants will not look forward to the Metro.

Here are some recent photos of the scene.

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