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Roundhouse Redevelopment Plans Emerge

Roundhouse seen from KEW

Roundhouse seen from KEW

Roundhouse Courtyard

Roundhouse Courtyard

As a spin off from KEW Residents taking an interest in the recent planning application to redevelop the Fiddle and Bone Pub, BCC Planning Dept has contacted KEW Phase 1 Director Tricia Tierney about a time extension on a planning application to redevelop the Roundhouse building adjoining the pub.

This is a listed building. Essentially, the application is to modernise windows and build a glazed extension on the building in the inner concave courtyard to enhance its change of usage to offices whilst retaining the child nursery.

This is the first we have heard of this redevelopment, but it would seem that it will be beneficial to the general appearance and condition without radical change to the look of the outside convex shape seen from KEW.

The whole site is owned by the Canal & River Trust and it is they who have applied for the extension. The new planning application is numbered 2012/08345/PA – click on this to view it.

Surprisingly, the actual extended completion date is not on the application – why is a mystery to us but maybe it’s because it is up to the Planning Committee to decide! It is also the second time extension has been applied for  – the original application 2006/02934/PA was submitted on 18/05/2006, extended to 31/12/2012 by application 2009/05251/PA on 04/11/2009. So, don’t hold your breath while awaiting work to begin.

Sainsburys Retreat from Promised Plans in Selly Oak Development

Sainsburys LogoI reported in the Weekly News Friday 06 Apr 2012 that Sainsburys had revised plans for their development in Selly Oak, to reroute a section of the unused Lapal Canal to pass through the centre of the site to the boundary of Selly Oak.

This was following pressure from local people and the Lapal Canal Trust which is working towards restoring the Harborne Wharf.

Well… in spite of this extensive display of public opinion and a subsequent revised planning application they appear to have gone back and put on public display plans which remove the canal!

Their second application in March 2012 below shows the canal situation – the canal can be seen running vertically downwards from the main canal about 2/3rds across from the left (click on image to enlarge)……

Sainsburys Siteplan Second Planning Application

But Planning Committee chiefs thought that it “skewed too far in favour of retail’’.

A particular sticking point was the lack of land or development space set aside for high-technology industry or scientific research, the development of which has been a long term aim for the area under the A38 Corridor Strategy.

Their new plans have radically changed the layout and content of the site and much more is devoted to  Life Sciences Research facilities in terms of student accommodation (a lucrative current focus for developers!) as can be seen below and the canal extension has vanished. The Council has spent a lot of money on a bridge for the recently redirected Harborne Lane to pass over the canal extension.

Sainsburys siteplan third planiing application

You can read more of the regeneration of Selly Oak plans of Sainsbury’s and their partner Land Securities.

I hope they will reconsider this and provide facilities that people want in parallel with economic viability. Surely the canal must be allowed to pass through the site otherwise it will knock on the head plans for its restoration  for the next 25 years!