Services Provided

Here is a summary of the services provided to all Residents in Phases 1 and 2.


We have a full-time Maintenance Manager who has knowledge of the issues that pop up from time to time and more importantly how to solve them.

We do need the help of all residents in bringing to our attention any issues that they spot in the communal areas. Please report any issues using the Report a Problem page or directly to the Development Manager or Maintenance Manager.

Window Cleaning Schedule

We have a contract with a local window cleaner to clean a minimum of 4 times a year. Especially with Juliet and penthouse balconies it is not always possible to access all the windows from the outside of the building. So, access via the inside of some apartments needs to be arranged with the Concierge. Details of window cleaning and the option to arrange access to balconies is given in each core at least 2 weeks before cleaning is to commence. Access can be permanently arranged by the leaseholder signing an access agreement.

The windows accessible from outside and the balcony windows are cleaned on consecutive days. A notice of the next scheduled clean is posted shortly in advace on the core entrance doors.


For details of the services provided and at what times see the Concierge Team page.

Garden /Courtyard Maintenance.

A contract gardener ensures that plants are looked after and replaced as necessary.

Cleaning of Communal Areas.

The Managing Agent is contracted to provide daily cleaning to the internal communal areas of both phases. Each core is cleaned at least once a week and carpet areas cleaned at least twice a year or as deemed required by the Development Manger who controls the cleaning programme.

Waste Removal

Bin stores within the cores will be emptied 3 times a week, usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This service is only offered for the clearance of normal household waste that is correctly bagged. Those Residents who leave rubbish not correctly bagged or bulky non household waste in these stores or the main bin stores will be held responsible for the cost of cleaning or removal.

A system of recycling of waste is only operated in the main bin stores situated in the courtyard of Phase 1 and in the car park of Phase 2 next to the exit ramp.

Bicycle Storage

Bicycles are not allowed to be stored in any of the communal areas within the individual cores.

A bicycle store is available in Phase 1 car park – see the Concierge for access.

A bicycle storage rack is available in Phase 2 car park.

All bicycles are stored at owners own risk.

Noise or Nuisance Caused by Others

This should be reported to the Concierge and they will take appropriate action.