Night Concierge Daley Thompson Foils Thieves’ Plans

Daley Thompson

Daley Thompson

While we Residents sleep, it’s good to know that our night Concierge, Daley Thompson, is wide awake and alert. Through his ingenuity, thieves who had invaded the site were not successful and ended up in Police custody.

Recently, a young white male wearing a blue hood tailgated into Phase 1 car park at around 6pm. He pushed his way past two Residents to gain access to the stairs to the courtyard, and walked over to Phase 2. The Residents alerted the concierge.

 He entered Phase 2 car park via core 8 basement door and wedged it open. He walked over to the bike rack and stole an unchained bike. He left through core 8 door and exited via the tow path gate. Daley thought it was the same young male who had stolen two bikes previously from the same location.

 Daley telephoned the local Police, and arranged an appointment to collect the CCTV evidence and take a statement from the Residents.

 About 4 hours later Daley spotted three males on the Phase 2 bike rack camera. Two of the males removed two bikes. They exited the car park via core 8 and left the site with the bikes via the courtyard and Browning Street pedestrian gate.

 Two hours later Daley noticed on the CCTV three males walking through the tow path gate. He zoomed the camera in and identified them as the as those who had stolen three bikes earlier. He phoned the police again then entered the car park and removed a lighter that was being used to wedge open core 9 basement door.

 The thieves, in trying to escape the car park, set off the fire alarm at core 8 basement door. They failed to open the door and so were trapped.

 The alarm went on for 20 minutes, and not surprisingly Daley received several phone calls from Residents. He decided that worrying the Residents with the event was not the right thing to do and could have led to them opening basement doors with perhaps serious actions from the escaping intruders. So, he reassured the residents that it was false alarm and when he was able to he would silence it.

 The trapped males had to wait for the Police to arrive at 01:10am.

 The police found a male carrying bolt cutters and three bikes removed from the rack with cut chains.

 As a result of Daley’s actions, the intruders were escorted to the Police station and the Bikes were stowed ready for collection by their owners.

I must say that Daley deserves the highest commendation for sensible and proportionate actions and we should all be very happy that we have such a Concierge team member.

Very well done Daley!!!