NIA Revised Planning Application

Inevitably I suppose, once planning permission for a bold architectural development has been obtained and the practicalities of creating the building are revisited, a few changes happen.

An amendment to the original planning application (numbered 2013/01053/PA) has now been submitted to the Council on 20 February. It’s Application Type is
“Minor Material Amendment”
and the Proposal is:
“Minor Material Amendment attached to planning approval 2012/04742/PA for an amended facade design, amended landscaping & public realm works and associated internal reconfiguration”.

Probably what is most important to most of us locals is how it looks from the outside and how disruptive (if at all) to walkways any revision to the towpath is.

Without going into comparative details of the original and amendment planning applications (a tediously slow task as the Council website is so slow it must have crawled out of the original Internet egg!) I point out below what I think is the most significant item.

The main change I can see is that the glass façade now goes straight up vertically whereas before it bent inward about a third of the way up then out again to the roof. It will probably increase the interior floor space in this new section which falls in line with one of the design objectives of accommodating visitors more adequately. This has a visual effect when viewed from the canal. It looks like a slightly less bold design both visually and engineering wise. Whether this is significant is up to everyone individually to decide.

If you want to comment on the amendment you have until 13 March. You should have had an advice letter through your letterbox telling you how to view and comment on the amendment. To accelerate this process, click here to get to the amendment application (and click here to see the original one).

Below I’ve assembled some of the images from the two applications to give you some idea of the visual changes  – a sort of spot the differences puzzle. Unfortunately there are no Artist’s Impressions in the amendment application nor a Canal Frontage drawing.

How to Get the most out of the photos.

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