NIA Redevelopment Public Meeting

The Bigger Picture Jan 13 front page

The Bigger Picture Jan 13 front page

The second Redevelopment Engagement Night was held on Thursday evening this week (31 January) in the Olympian Suite 1 at the NIA.

The purpose of these meetings is to keep the local community informed of plans and give them the opportunity to raise local issues and concerns related to the NIA and its redevelopment into a more successful and greater visitor experience.

A new monthly NIA Redevelopment Newsletter – “The Bigger Picture” – is being produced as shown left.  Click on the image to open the document.


The meeting was well attended by about 30 members of the public and included Ladywood Councillor Kath Hartley and the Lord Mayor and Mayoress of Birmingham. It was also well run with short crisp and focused presentations, even with questions taken from the floor it ended after 40 minutes – my sort of meeting, not high-jacked by anyone!

Members of the NIA team attended in force and there were succinct presentations by them on various aspects of the NIA and its future. Amongst other things information was given on:

  • How the NIA team wanted the local community to become as excited as they are with the redevelopment, and how the Golden Tickets Campaign* would be used.
  • How the redevelopment would take place level by level from canal towpath up to the new 6 story frontal area.
  • How the space usable by the public would increase by more than 600 sq metres largely in the new floors at the front of the building which will extend to the edge of the towpath.
  • How the visitor’s experience will be enhanced by better catering and retail facilities.
  • How research is being carried out to deal with coach set down and parking.
  • How observation analysis was being used in finding ways to speed up exiting from the car parks.
  • How Community Hall, beneath the NIA, is receiving investment to update its Fitness Suite and Sports Hall.

* The Golden Tickets Campaign will be launched next month and will run right through the redevelopment. It gives the local community the chance to win pairs of tickets to a show of their choice during the opening season of the new NIA in 2015.

Residents of local  residential developments had the opportunity to express their concerns on such things as noise and traffic caused by events which can disturb the peace.  Avenues of communication on such community matters were established.

Kath Hartley expressed her wish for greater cooperation with Centro on public transport. The NIA Team explained that they were working on the use of the TravelWise Journey Planner system to encourage people to use sustainable transport meaning walk, cycle or use public transport, rather than driving alone by car.

As regards starting the redevelopment, the detail design is in progress as is the choice of  main contractor which will start on 3 June.

If you want any further information or want to be informed when the next  Redevelopment Engagement Night is to be, email Chris Pile, Marketing Manager, at

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