How Should Funding be Allocated to Local Ladywood Groups?

Many thanks to Karen Caine for submitting this article. It contains a  Quick Questionnaire for you to contribute your ideas.

Ladywood Ward (Where is this? – see map below – Ed) was chosen to receive £50,865 from the government’s Community First initiative over four years, from 2011 up to March 2015. The funding is to help communities come together to identify their strengths and local priorities in order to plan for their future and become more resilient. It will fund both new and existing community groups. More information about Community First funding can be found here:

The Ladywood Community First Panel seeks to represent all parts of Ladywood Ward, and includes myself, as a representative of the City Centre Neighbourhood Forum. We have to recommend to the government which local organisations should receive the money and why. 

Please take part – we are consulting Ladywood residents and organisations, including those of us in the City Centre, to decide priorities for funding.

If you live, or work, in Ladywood Ward please complete our questionnaire so we can help allocate funding for the ward in a way that actually reflects our community’s wishes, instead of just what we imagine those wishes might be.

Please complete the questionnaire online here. (It will only take a few minutes)

If you know someone who would prefer to complete a paper questionnaire you can print a copy of this .pdf version of the Community Plan Questionnaire, and place it in the City Centre Neighbourhood box on the desk in Phase 1 Reception.

Thank you very much for your help.

Karen Caine


The Ladywood Ward consists of the areas which can be described as Rotten Park Reservoir, Broad Street, City Centre, Jewellery Quarter, Park Central (was Lee Bank) as well as Ladywood which includes KEW. The ward is shaded blue in the map below.

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