Helpful Do’s & Don’ts

Below is a quick guide to how you and your fellow residents can enjoy a great life at KEW.

More details and other aids to KEW living are in the Welcome & Information Pack.

Helpful Do’s & Don’ts

What is this about?

We are all different and so we have our own standards to measure how well we are living at KEW.

However, in a closely gathered community like KEW we surely must abide by the maxim of “do as you would be done by” or “treat other as you would like them to treat you”.

So, living at KEW, what are the basics rules we should follow to ensure the maxim is achieved?

Below is a combination of legal obligations under the lease but also, and more importantly, some desirable Resident behaviour pointers to ensure rich and joyful living for all residents.

Noise & Neighbours

All residents and their visitors should behave in a way that complies with the terms of the lease and is considerate to other residents. You will have neighbours on most, if not all, sides of your apartment.

  • The volume of music systems, TVs, radios, etc., should be kept low and not be at all audible to neighbours.
    Please be particularly aware of the volume of noise in your apartment between the hours of midnight and 7am.
  • Re-decorating or other work – Arrange to have the work done between 9:30am and 5pm during the week and try to avoid any such work being carried out at weekends and Bank Holidays.
    • Closing doors in the apartments – These doors have a tendency to close rather loudly, and may disturb neighbours, especially throughout the evening
  • Please do contact the Concierge Team if you have a complaint about a noisy neighbour, by phone or go to Reception. The Concierge will deal with the complaint.

 Playing loud music or creating other excessive noise is anti-social and, for a closely situated community like ours cannot be tolerated.


Cats, dogs and any other pets are not allowed on the site or in apartments at ANYTIME without the RTM Management Companies’ written permission. If you are found to have a pet it is deemed to be a breach of the lease.


Please do not leave any washing on the balcony or hanging from the window which is visible to others.
It is contrary to the lease, unsightly and unsociable to the on-looking community.


In general, barbeques are not allowed on balconies or in the communal areas such as courtyards. The annoyance to neighbours and the risk of fire from barbeques is extremely high and therefore is forbidden under the lease.

However, it is possible to hold a BBQ which is open to the whole KEW community to attend by published invitation but this must be authorised by the RTM Management Companies.

Sinks, Baths & Showers – Unattended

Taps should not be left running unattended, obviously. 

A great deal of damage can be done to apartments below through the overflow of water.

Wet Wipes

Do not flush these down the loo! If you do, you could end up with a very smelly flood in your apartment (and your neighbours’ also)!

They should be placed in your general rubbish sacks which are collected from your hallway bin cupboards.
Wet wipes should all be regarded as a disaster for our drainage systems!
Most are designed to be strong and are largely indestructible and do not break down like paper does, so they block systems and are difficult and costly to remove.

High Heel Shoes

Wearing narrow or stiletto heel shoes is taboo in apartments with wooden floors. These will produce permanent indentations in the wood and turn a very expensive and pleasant floor into an ugly mess! As a Tenant you may well be financially responsible for such damage. They also generate irritating noise which is transmitted to adjacent apartments.


  • Smoking is not permitted by law in any communal area – corridors, lifts, Reception area, stairwells, etc. – this also includes courtyards.
  • Most rental agreements forbid smoking in the apartment.
  • If, as a Leaseholder, you choose to smoke inside your apartment, please do not throw cigarette ends out of a window or from your balcony.
  • It should be noted that smoking while at an open window, particularly a winter garden, can cause smoke and ash to drift into adjacent apartments which may cause discomfort and, indeed, a potential health hazard to your neighbours.

Fire Alarm

DON’T IGNORE FIRE ALARMS other than those that are published as tests, normally weekly on a Wednesday during

daytime hours – but check the signs in your core or ask the Concierge.

Smoke Detectors

An alarm sounding only in your apartment is a smoke alarm. The cause is most likely to be within your apartment. You need to clear the smoke and its cause e.g. hot frying, and the alarm will cease to sound.



  • Parking is only permitted within the marked out areas with white lines.
  • Car parking spaces within the car park are allocated to a specific apartment. The allocated slots are owned by the individual Leaseholder. You should ensure that anyone visiting you understands there is no designated ‘visitors parking’ and they must find alternative parking outside the building. They may leave themselves open to receiving a heavy parking fine.
  • Your visitors Parking – You may wish to point your visitors to pay and display parking slots located on Sheepcote Street, or free street parking on Browning Street, or payable parking in Brindleyplace.
  • No official visitor parking is available at KEW. However, some residents allow the Concierge to use their space when they are away – use the on-line facility My Car Space is Free for this or contact the Concierge; residents helping others in this way will enhance communal living.

 PLEASE REMEMBER: Unauthorised or incorrectly parked vehicles may be liable to receive a parking ticket (£100.00)

Unacceptable Behaviour

Unacceptable behaviour is exactly that – unacceptable! – and cannot be tolerated. Breach of the terms of the lease or other behaviour deemed unacceptable by the Concierge or Residents will potentially result in legal action, forfeiture of lease and/or eviction.

Such behaviour includes:

  •  creating unreasonable noise    
  • misuse of the waste disposal or recycling facilities (see below)    
  • throwing anything out of a window or from a balcony    
  • using the balcony space or windows to hang bed-sheet, clothes, etc., to dry    
  • leaving rubbish in the communal areas    
  • spitting  
  • verbal or physical abuse of staff or other residents.

Visitors & Contractors

  • Intercom – You will need to make sure your visitors know to use the intercom panel (beside the main door) to gain access to the building. They need simply to key in your apartment number then press the ‘call’ button to speak to you and you can let them in through the Pedestrian Gate by releasing the lock from your intercom.
  • Food deliveries – takeaways and from a supermarket – please instruct the supplier when placing your order that delivery drivers must use the intercom to contact you, or phone you to let you know they have arrived, so you can let them in.
  • Reception area is not a waiting room. If you are not at home when your visitors arrive, they will not be able to enter the building.
  • It is essential that you inform the Concierge if you are having works carried out in your apartment, be it decorating or fitting of an appliance. The Concierge will check the work area and lifts before and after the work to ensure cleanliness is maintained. You may be liable for the cost of making good any damage or soiling to communal areas.

Courtyard Access for Vehicles.

  • No vehicles are allowed in the courtyards without Concierge permission
  • Two Vehicles Only – No more than two vehicles at one time are allowed access on to any of the courtyards
  • Weekend & Bank Holidays – No vehicles are allowed on the courtyards on weekends or Bank Holidays. If authorised to do so, only between 9.30pm and 5pm
  • Time Slots – During the week vehicles are only allowed on the courtyard between 9.30am and 5pm
  • ‘No Parking’ – Only vehicles that are carrying out works i.e. contractual works, utilities, large deliveries are permitted etc. This is not a car park and therefore vehicles are not permitted access to just ‘park up’. Please make your own space available in the car park by informing the Concierge in advance or speak to the Concierge, if they have a space free they can allocate it for a short period of time.