Enforcement of Bus Lanes Using Cameras

The Birmingham City Centre Statutory Bus Quality Partnership Scheme (QPS) was approved in February 2012. Included in this is enforcement of bus lanes using cameras.

IMG_2446Shown left is one of the enforcement routes, St Martin’s Queensway which passes under the Bullring shopping centre. The view shown is from Smallbrook Queensway and shows two private cars using the tunnel when only bicycles, buses and taxes are permitted.


There are large signs indicating this entry restriction on approach as shown.

This gives some idea of the reasons for the enforcement.


Below is a map showing where it is intended to site these cameras. Below that is a letter explaining the lead up to the present situation. Comments are invited on the proposed siting of the cameras addressed to:

Chris Tunstall
Director – Sustainability Transportation and Partnerships
1 Lancaster Circus, Queensway,
PO Box 14439. Birmingham, B4 7DQ

E-mail:     richard.leonard@birmingham.gov.uk

Microsoft Word - BLEC general location map v1 121108.doc Stakeholder Letter