Eastside City Park Opens

This is part of the Big City Plan put together by the City Council during the Labour administration and published in July 2011 after a period of consultation. The £12m linear park is 550m long and 50m wide covering an area of 6.25 acres in the shape of a hand pistol. This is approximately 5 football pitches laid end to end.

It runs north-east from Park Street just east of Moor Street Queensway and is bordered to the north by Millenium Point and the new Birmingham City University building. There are a number of different areas providing a range of planting, grassed and hard landscaped areas suitable for many activities and events. Running along the northern edge is a 188m canal feature with 21 jet fountains (not operational when I visited).

Situated within it is a Science Garden. This is a wonderous place for grown ups as well as children and is part of the Thinktank science museum experience, unfortunately requiring visitors to pay the entrance charges to the museum to gain access. (But see David Foster’s comment below.***) Below are some recent photos I took wandering along the park and into the Science Garden.

Views of the Eastside City Park from west to east…..

Views of the Science Garden…..

***Resident David Foster has informed me that:

I liked your piece about the Eastside park (and all the others, too).
Just one small additional point about the Science Garden. While it’s true that you have to pay during normal hours, after 3pm entry is free. Unfortunately, the Garden is closed until mid February (I think, to protect it from serious depredation during the worst of the winter months).
David Foster