Concierge Team

Meet Our Property Services Manager

This is a very important role and is carried out by a senior manager within the Managing Agent, Mainstay. The Property  Services Manager is responsible for the operation of the development including all of the Mainstay on-site team. The role also covers the interface between, on the one side the Managing Agent’s supplied services both locally and within the administrative headquarters, and on the other the KEW RTM Management Companies. Management of Mainstay’s On-site team and synchronization with its Off-site team are broadly the responsibilities. See more details of the Property Services Manager’s role.

In day to day running of KEW, the Property Services Manager is where the buck stops!

Rebecca Whitehead is our Property Services Manager:

   Rebecca Whitehead 

Meet Our On-site Team – The Concierge

These people are the unsung heroes of wonderful community living at KEW. They need to be sympathetic to those who need help yet firm when it comes to dealing with problems both within and outside the site. They may appear to be relaxed, but in reality they always need to have their wits about them to deal with all sorts of human behaviour and unexpected problems. Without exception, they are a very friendly bunch who are dedicated to we Residents….So very well chosen by the Managing Agent!

The Development Manager, who heads up the Concierge team locally, is Shakela Farid.

Shakela Farid  Shakela Farid

She is ably assisted by our Concierges…

Alex Was  Aleksandra Was – “Alex”

Anna Kosowka  Anna Kosowka

_MG_5716 Daley Thompson  Daley Thompson

Katarzyna Palubiak -   Katarzyna Palubiak – “Kate”

OD4A0227  Syed Ali

and our Housekeepers…

  Leslie Campos in Phase 1

  Gosia Korkus in Phase 2

And by  our Maintenance Manager

Photo not yet available 1  Paul Hayward

A 24/7  Concierge Service is provided for Residents:

The Concierge is a service that treats and supports both Phases equally. Residents and Leaseholders can contact any of the team with any need or problem.

Phase 1 Reception is manned 24/7.

Phase 2 Reception is manned from 7:30am to 7:30pm every day except Sundays.

When Phase 2 is not manned, the Phase 1 Concierge provides cover for both Phases (security, parcels collection , keys, etc).

What Services do they provide?

The Concierge team at King Edwards Wharf provides a number of services  for you the residents.

These include:

  • Management and security of your keys
  • Control of expected visitors.
  • Managing your parcels and recorded deliveries
  • Controlling the car parks and allocating visitor parking (If available).
  • Liaising with your appointed contractor should you be having works carried out in your apartment.
  • Calling a taxi or informing you of possible phone numbers to call.
  • Provide collection and deliveries facilities for dry cleaning, laundry and clothing alterations.

Keys – If you have given permission to the Concierge to hold your key please ensure that you notify the Concierge of any intended works or visitors that they can give the key to.

Visitors – Unexpected visitors will be told to contact your apartment via the intercom system. If you are expecting visitors please notify the Concierge who will ensure they can find their way to your apartment should this be necessary.

Parcels and deliveries – Concierge will sign for and hold any recorded packages or laundry you may receive. Normally, you will need to attend the office to collect and sign for them but under special circumstances parcels can be delivered to your apartment when time allows.

Parking -There is no official visitor parking at KEW. However, some residents allow the concierge to use their space when they are on holiday. Please check with the Concierge before allowing your visitor to arrive on site in their car. The Concierge will tell you if a space is available. Cars parked without permission are ticketed.

Contractors – You must inform the Concierge if you are having works carried out in your apartment, be it decorating or fitting of an appliance. You will have to authorise the Concierge to give your key out. The Concierge will check the work area and lifts before and after the work to ensure cleanliness is maintained.

The Concierge can also provide you with a list of local amenities, such as shops, theatres, dentists, taxis, etc.

For queries on other needs and requests contact the Concierge Team.