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Licensing Section
Crystal Court
Aston Cross Business Village
50 Rocky Lane
B6 5RQ

Dear Sir/Madam

 Re: Application for a Licence for the premises formerly  known as Fiddle and Bone Public House,  4 Sheepcote St, Birmingham (Application reference 79075 by Sherborne Wharf Ltd)

As a resident of the King Edward Wharf Apartment Building I/we want to register my/our concern about the above licence application made under the Licensing Act 2003 and particularly the application for a licence for music and dancing throughout the day and evening, up to midnight on 7 days of the week. My/our objection relates to the third of the four licensing objectives; the prevention of public nuisance.

We do not want to prevent development of the Fiddle and Bone premises. It is my/our view, however, that the development has to take into account that the area surrounding the Fiddle and Bone premises is a residential area with apartments on three sides, some within less than 50 metres. I/we would support therefore, the proposals which are being suggested by the Residents Association of King Edwards Wharf as a compromise.

  1. No music to be played (whether live or recorded), either inside or outside the building, after 2200 hours daily, nor on boats belonging to the licensee that may be moored on the canalside outside of the premises.
  1. Notices to be displayed in the premises asking customers to leave quietly and to refrain from taking drinks out onto the towpath area.
  1. Substantial food and non-alcoholic beverages, including drinking water, to be available throughout the permitted hours.
  1. Stacking of bottles for collection outside the premises to be undertaken during daylight hours and with regard to the residential buildings in the vicinity.

We/I would ask you to take our concerns into account when reaching your decision.

Yours faithfully,

Name(s), Apartment xxxx, King Edwards Wharf, B16 xxx

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