Café Opus Opens at Ikon Gallery

A new and fresh approach to light eating has opened at the Ikon Gallery in Oozells Square, Brindley place.

The Opus Café set into the front face of the Ikon Gallery is a breath of fresh air, I think.

This article is purely descriptive and hopefully objective. It is not a recommendation as I haven’t yet eaten there. I’m just reporting what I perceive through my own eyes.

From the start let me say that this is a no frills, non-pretentious establishment. It cannot be described as charging the maximum for the minimum. Nor is it a fast food outlet nor one of the ubiquitous burger bars that have invaded our city.

No, this appears to be something new, something that does not exist currently in Brindleyplace nor anywhere else in the city centre, that I’m aware of.

The decor is austere,  the word bistro springs to mind. The chairs may not be designed for lingering too long but are in a strikingly yellow plastic coated steel. The simple tables follow the theme and of table cloths – what are they?

With the British Public learning from those other people across the Channel and wanting to eat outside the hostelry, special provision has been made. Outside there are large umbrellas, heaters and……woollen blankets to wrap around oneself?!?

Two menus are offered – a Sunday Brunch served from 11:30am to 5:30pm and an All Day Menu served Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00am to 9:00pm.

There is a strong similarity between the menus as they both offer Snacks, Breakfasts, Soups/Salads, Fish/Meat hot meals , Plates (Cheese – Vegetarian – Fish) and Puddings.

For a start all the dishes are described in the menu in simple terms as though they are asked to win their success from their  openly declared ingredients rather than any esoteric culinary terms to confuse the diner and mask the real content.

If you like simplistic down to earth food then the menu items will appeal to you. I can’t wait to try Welsh Rarebit – much neglected in recent decades. 

How well the food and the accommodation works I’ll leave up to your personal likes.

Some views around the café:

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