Birmingham Municipal Bank – The Veils Lifted

We’ve all walked along Broad Street passed the imposing frontage of this 1933 building. It housed the Birmingham Municipal Bank, proposed by Birmingham’s most historic champion Neville Chamberlain. The bank itself was originally for savings from earnings, earning interest at 3.5%, with most of the income reserved for the government.

In 1976 the bank ceased to be a department of the Birmingham City Council and became a Trustee Savings Bank and moved to the Post Office building in New Street.

Since then the building has had no permanent or lasting tenants. It attained grade II listed status on October 14, 1996 and was sold to the city council in 2007.

Film crews have recently recently been spotted using its majestic exterior (and interior?) for what purpose I know not.

Currently, there are plans to renovate the building for use by Birmingham City University! Again I can’t imagine what for – its not a big interior.

From 15 to 17 March the building was opened (at last!) to the population to show it off and as the venue for an an art exhibition – Thrift Radiates Happiness.

I seized the opportunity to see what the inside of the building was like. The least said about the art exhibition itself the better, I feel. But it was a joy to at last visit the well preserved interior especially in the basement where the vaults are and  satisfied a  childhood curiosity for me as to how savings and important documents and artefacts were stored securely.

Please contact me with any further intelligence you may have and I’ll credit you in a posting of it.

Below are some photos I took.

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