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Brum’s Spectacular Commonwealth Games Closure Display

If you missed the closing Commonwealth Games ceremony, then one thing you must do today is watch Birmingham’s brilliant contribution…

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Crescent Theatre – Another Local Gem of Birmingham

Its amateur status, let’s you get involved with a vast variety of volunteer activities and hence meeting other people like yourself with common interests. The performances presented on stage are varied and involve amateurs as well as professionals, all with … Continue reading

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Wanted – Car Park Space to Rent

A Large Car Parking Space is wanted to rent from now for 6 months.

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Spring is Happening Despite the Beast from the East

Last Sunday, 25 March, there was a short respite from the long, cold winter when the notoriously changeable British weather shook off the beast from the east and gave us a sunny treat…

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Local Roads Improvement – Live Consultations This Week

There are face to face consultations happening this week locally at which you can find out what local road changes are proposed and why. So, why not go, find out and express your views and maybe have them recorded and … Continue reading

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Road Improvement Scheme Consultations

Birmingham Connected – “In partnership with Transport for West Midlands and Midland Metro Alliance, we are currently consulting on a number of changes to road layouts, mostly to improve access for public transport. We encourage you to view the proposals … Continue reading

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New Restrictions in Sheepcote Street Limit Access to KEW

Transport for West Midlands, Birmingham City Council and Midland Metro Alliance are working together to limit the use of Sheepcote Street by cars. This will lead to a slightly more tortuous approach to KEW Phase 1.   

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Homelessness In Our City – How You Can Help

Homelessness, Living on the Streets, Rough Sleeping and Hardship is unfortunately very common in our city today. The image on the left gives a cheery front to these problems, but for those who suffer from them it is not funny … Continue reading

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A More Positive View of Today’s City Centre Developments

Wandering around the city centre it would seem that demolition for future highly desirable reconstruction is all happening at once and now! Why?

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Additions to RTM Members Area 23 Feb 2018

Will all Leaseholders who have registered as members of the KEW RTM Management Companies please visit your Members Area as there are new documents posted…

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