King Edawrds Wharfkewbirmingham.co.uk is the official website of the RTM Management Companies of King Edwards Wharf (generally referred to as KEW) .

KEW is a modern dual site development of luxury apartments situated on the West side of Birmingham City Centre.

The RTM Management Companies are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the development.

The website’s purpose is to provide useful information about living at KEW, both to Leaseholders (apartment owners) and all Residents whether they be Leaseholders or Tenants.

Using the website, the RTM Management Companies’ hope is to further enhance the experience of community living in a  communal environment.

DISCLAIMER: The information given in this website is advisory only and given with good intent, but may not be accurate. The RTM Management Companies, the Managing Agent and the Aministrator do not accept any liability for the consequences of such given advice.
Every endeavour will be made not to publish correspondents’ contact details if so stated by us or requested by them, but no liability will be taken for chance erroneous disclosure by the aforementioned parties.