A Buildings Tour Around the Jewellery Quarter

Posted on 1 August 20112

An easy 2.1/2 mile circular walk from KEW.

There are some vintage gems among the buildings of the Jewellery Quarter. But how do you find them? Chamberlain Clock I guess the Chamberlain Clock Tower (left) symbolises the Jewellery Quarter to most Birmingham Residents. Yet there are some hidden historic buildings if you are guided to them and then look very closely. Unfortunately the Buildings Trail given in the Jewellery Quarter official website is first of all difficult to find on the website and secondly gives no map showing the whereabouts of the buildings listed. So, I decided to walk the area and using the sparse information of the Buildings Trail construct my own Buildings Tour. It took several hours to locate the buildings as there are very few historic plaques naming them and house numbers are rarely on display; one or two I could not find* at all. What I concluded was essential was an itinerary showing where the buildings are and what they look like. So, for readers of The KEW eMag, I have constructed a map with the buildings indicated by numbered way-marks and a list of buildings with photos and descriptions of each. I used the Buildings Trail to provide the scope of my Tour. You can view my Buildings Tour Map and Buildings Tour List of Buildings. If you want to walk the Buildings Tour, I suggest two methods:

  1. Access the above Buildings Tour pages on a tablet, eg iPad, or smart phone but you will need a large one.
  2. Print the buildings Tour Map and List of Buildings pages (See * below).

It’s well worth the effort if you want an atmospheric walk on a sunny day. The Jewellery Quarter has plenty of character and vibrance to take in and enjoy and if you are  interested in looking at history and our heritage so much the better. There are a number of pleasant bars and coffee bars along the route. Give it a try I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

* If you locate the building at way-mark 12 on my map, please photograph it and email it to me.

** One way of printing the pages in Windows is below (I’m afraid at this time I can’t advise for Mac but soon maybe!):

  • Display a page
  • Right Click in the page and chose Print…
  • Click on Print
    At the bottom of the left column left of the displayed Print window Click on Print using system dialogue… (Ctrl+Shift+P). Use the dialogue to print in the usual way.

Article by Geoff Caine