Sheepcote Bus Lane Update Friday 24 May

This morning the bus lane traffic camera was installed at the entrance to the Arena in Sheepcote Street. So what are the next steps?



KEW Resident, John McDermot, tells me:

“As I understand it, ‘camera enforcement now in use’ signs should go up next week. That will be followed by a period of advertising before tickets start to be issued.”

Let’s hope they do tell us in advance when fining will start, but I’ll be playing it safe from now on and not using the Bus Lane.

Geoff Caine

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1 Response to Sheepcote Bus Lane Update Friday 24 May

  1. Nigel O'Connell says:

    Thanks Geoff, for keeping us up to speed on this issue. Traffic control on Sheepcote Street is badly needed. However I still feel the council should allow residents who live on Sheepcote Street, access. As someone who travels this direction several times a day Instead of 50yds. we will have to travel 1/2 mile extra every journey. Adding to traffic and pollution.
    Well done Birmingham City Transport Disorganisers.

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