Places to Visit – Dudley Zoo

If you’ve not been to a zoo lately you could try Dudley Zoo and Castle?

It costs about £15 for adults with concessions for families – View Charges.

The castle is at the top of a small hill and the zoo lies around the sides of the hill at various heights. Its not too tedious to traverse the various paths leading to the animal exhibits.

I visited on Easter Sunday, with its crowds, but they weren’t a problem for viewing.

What was a unfortunate (?) was that the sun shone (?) and temperatures rose so the animals had either collapsed in sleep and inactive lying in the shade, perhaps like the sensible ones amongst us. This is the norm even for West Midlands Safari Park. Best visit on a duller day, perhaps.

Also there were strong lighting contrasts with the animals lying in dark shade which didn’t help with the photography.

There are plenty of places to rest and relax in between animal visits and good cafe’s.

I ran out of time to visit the castle but it is right there in the middle of the zoo – next time!

Getting up the hill to castle ground level is easy by a super free chair lift – an enjoyable experience in itself.

View a small Gallery of photos I took.

Article by Geoff Caine

About Geoff Caine

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