Visit Woodgate Valley Country Park This Easter

Woodgate Valley Country Park is a splendid free-to-visit 450 acre area of countryside in the centre of Bartley Green and Quinton just a stone’s throw from KEW.
I can thoroughly recommend that you make a visit this weekend or any other!    It’s easy to get there and you’ll have a great relaxation!

Article by Geoff Cane

It’s a wonderful place to visit, especially on a good weather day when the natural unspoilt beauty contrasts with urban sprawl.

It is situated just 6 miles from KEW

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… and 16 minutes away by car, 27 minutes by bus number 23 from Sheepcote Street and KEW (daytime buses run to. and return from, there every 8-9 mins on weekdays – every  9-10mins on Saturday – every 20 mins on Sunday).

Address: Clapgate Lane, B32 ED.


It has no commercial motive behind or involved in its existence!
And no cost involved for visitors – a rarity these days.

It’s a place for both grown ups and  children to enjoy, and is as relaxing as you’ll find for a place to visit with children – no pressure exerted on grown ups or children to spend!

Children have much to get enjoyment from – a playground, horses to stroke and a splendid small holding of farmyard animals mainly run by volunteers who you can talk to.

Grown ups also have much to enjoy – the wildlife, wild meadows and greenery, and the sheer simplicity of it all – far removed from the work and commercial environments of every day life.

Add other attractions – walks along and around the Bourn Brook stream and green meadows, the largest area of grassland in Birmingham,  a large free car park and a visitor centre with good value snack food and points of interest.

I reckon its a unique offering in Birmingham – a natural relaxing place to visit within the city.

So,  forget yesterday’s stress and enjoy your relaxing visit today!

Below is a Gallery of my photos of the farm animals, car park and visitor centre to give a flavour of this council owned gem.

But, why not Take a Walk…
If you want to take a walk including this park and other attractive areas of Woodgate Valley, see below the Gallery for a guided route, courtesy of the Birmingham & Black Country Wildlife Trusts.


How to display the photos….

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 Woodgate Valley Walk

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