How Did It Go? – The 11 March Residents’ Surgery

This was the first surgery for our new Development Manager Sharon Cairns, and there was plenty of chat about this and that!


Sharon  IMG_5426 and Rebecca OD4A1022our Property Manager had laid on nibbles, wine and soft drinks.

It was very well attended. People came and went but the normal stalwart core of Residents  turned up at the beginning and most stayed until near the end of the two hour get together.

Judging by the noise of voices, people were well enjoying themselves – conversing at a pace with Residents they had met before even if they hadn’t bumped into them in the courtyards of late.

It was also a splendid way to get to talk to those they had not met before. So, at the next event, Surgery, or courtyard jollity, there will be more people able to converse with well met others. The difficult part, the introduction, will already have been made.

That’s what is so great about these get togethers. They promote a social ambiance in the KEW Development that can so easily be missing as a result of lifts in each core from apartment floor to car park.

By the time I got round to the photography session, the stalwart Residents had relaxed and in joyful mood and so were smiling, as you can see below (the wine may helped of course).

Why not come along next month and join in the social fun? Watch out for the date.

Geoff Caine, website administrator

There are two photos below:

– Photo A  includes Charley Johnston (one of our RTM Directors) and with me taking the photo.

– Photo B including me instead of Charley but with Charley taking the photo.

Can you spot the difference and identify us both at the next communal “bash“?

Some suggestions as to how best to view these wide photos.

  • For a laptop or desktop Click on each image for a larger, clearer  view. Then click again to zoom in and then click and drag to move around the larger image.
  • For a tablet or smartphone Tap (and select Open if necessary) for a larger, clearer  view. Then enlarge with two fingers and drag to move around the larger image.

Photo A

Photo B

Any comments left below would be very welcome.


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