Beat the Jams – Get To/From City Centre By New Bus Routes

The closure of the Paradise Circus/Broad Street junction has brought real benefits for us KEW Residents travelling to and from the city centre.
Why not try the bus and beat the jams!

Colmore Row

Bus travel to and from Sheepcote Street to Colmore Row is now the way to travel as a result of recent privileges given to Buses.

The buses have been granted free flowing bus lanes that largely avoid private cars and commercial vehicles.

The most recent advance in the bus route is the Bus only stretch of Paradise Circus and adjacent Cambridge Street. This avoids often severe traffic queues along Great Charles Street and Sand Pits Parade.

Bus stops outside KEW

Instead the buses have a much shorter route along Paradise Circus, Cambridge Street and  via  a roundabout into  St Vincent Street and finally Sheepcote Street. (see map below)

Sheepcote Street has traffic queues in the peak  periods but the distance a KEW passenger spends in this queue is now surprisingly little.

The map below shows the short bus-lane-enhanced  routes to and from Colmore Row.

Click the  symbol to view a key.

Try the Bus – All you need is £3 in change to cover the return journey (nothing if you have a travel card).

Benefits of Using the Bus

  • It’s quicker than by car.
  • It’s cheaper than by car.
  • It avoids aggressive car drivers treating the roads as race tracks.
  • It’s safer’
  • It provides speedy, relaxed travel while car drivers  are fuming in queues.
  • It cuts down your pollution footprint on the city.

So short – So quick – So traffic free – So stress free!!

UNFORTUNATELY….these new bus routes are planned to be temporary only while Paradise Circus is closed – until Summer 2019.


See below for supporting calculations.


Going into the city

Turn left out of King Edwards Drive and walk 100 yards to the bus stop shown left.

Hail any bus – they all go to Cathedral Square in Colmore Row.

As there are 13 bus numbers travelling along Sheepcote Street from Broad Street there is very little wait for a bus even in the peak periods.

The Going into city route has all the advantages of bus lanes that the Going from the city.

Returning from the city

From Colmore Row take any bus numbered on the Bus Stop sign (left) (any bus except 82, 87 89 822 829 829A).


You arrive at Sheepcote Street outside the Arena car park entrance and opposite the to-City bus stop above.

Caution! To stop the bus at your Sheepcote stop only press the STOP button when just approaching the turn into Sheepcote Street and so avoid the new stop outside the Arena car park in Ryland Street

Article by Geoff Caine



Getting to the car and bus stop takes the same time including waiting for a bus.

Colmore Row is the start of the shopping area when travelling from the KEW direction ie from the West.

The bus journey to Colmore Row takes around 10 minutes whatever period it is taken in.

The car journey to the Snow Hill Car Park takes 10 minutes off-peak and 20 minutes in peak periods. The obtaining of a parking ticket and walking to Colmore Row takes a further 5 minutes.


Starting from Colmore Row….

The average wait time for a bus is 5 minutes.

The walk to the car park and exiting it takes 5 minutes.

The bus journey from Colmore Row takes around 10 minutes and 15 minutes in peak periods.

The car journey takes 10 minutes off-peak and 15 minutes in peak periods.

Parking the car at KEW and walking from the bus stop to KEW takes the same time.


The bus costs 2x£1.50 ie £3

The car costs :

Petrol 2×4 miles @ 25 mpg @ £5.80/gallon , ie about £2 (plus wear, tear and frustration!)

Car Park – Snow Hill up to 4 hours £5.80
Return to the Analysis

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2 Responses to Beat the Jams – Get To/From City Centre By New Bus Routes

  1. Margaret says:

    The bus service is great. We use it all the time. But beware if you catch the bus back from Harbourne as it returns to the City via Bath Row

  2. Geoff Caine says:

    These bus routes are superb!
    The joy of now going in and out of the city is so real you just want to do it again and again just for the journey. It’s like riding above the car travelling population.

    Let’s hope the road planners roll this out across the city centre, if not the rest of Birmingham where possible.

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