Beware! Penalties Are Looming For Using Sheepcote Str. Bus Lane

Soon traffic monitoring cameras will be in operation, so beware if you are currently using the new Bus Lane.

The proposed and consulted-on physical changes to traffic use of Sheepcote Street have now largely been made.

However, the Bus Lane opposite KEW has not yet been enforced and as a result it is largely being ignored by traffic .

I have it on good authority, albeit indirect, that any day now the enforcement will begin.

This will involve further signage and cameras but I don’t know the details and when it will happen.

So, be aware that soon using the Bus Lane will land you with a fine.

Personally, from now on I will use Broad Street to gain entry to Sheepcote Street and hence KEW.
During the rush hours my recent observations are that considerable queuing will be encountered – so avoid 07:30 to 09:00 and 16:30 to 18:30 if you can.
The 2-way implementation on Grosvenor Street West, currently under construction, will enable the avoidance of queuing on Broad Street and the first 170 metres of Sheepcote Street leaving just 175 metres of queuing to reach KEW.

The eventual 1-way implementation on Granville Street in an away from Broad Street direction will greatly reduce traffic on Sheepcote Street. But when is a mystery!

If I receive any information I will post an update.

Geoff Caine

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2 Responses to Beware! Penalties Are Looming For Using Sheepcote Str. Bus Lane

  1. sam says:

    Thanks for keeping everyone informed Geoff. I notice there is still a lot of traffic driving through the bus gate – unless I’m missing something, I can’t see any cameras yet

  2. Margaret says:

    Thanks Geoff, we have used the ring way route to return to KEW from Tesco. What a nightmare! We look forward to being able to use Granville Street. Margaret

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