Water Ingress Works Up Date 09.08.2018

News of the Pilot Projects in Cores 6 and 14 from Kevin Goodchild, Chairman-KEW RTM Board of Directors.

Water Ingress Works Up Date

We are pleased to announce that we have now appointed Insight UK as the contractor to commence work on the Phase One – Core 6 Pilot Project.

Work will commence on the 3rd September 2018, although access equipment, scaffolding etc will begin to be installed before then. It is expected for the work to take 10 weeks to complete.

A full schedule of works detailing what will happen and when, will be issued during the course of the next week, along with details of how the works may affect us as householders.

For the sake of clarity, there will be no call for funds to finance this Pilot Project as it will be paid for from reserve fund.

Rebecca Whitehead or myself will be the points of contact for queries and questions pertaining to these works, however, could we please ask that you wait until the document pack for the Core 6 work is issued next week before raising any questions, as this may provide the information that you might need.

The Pilot Project in Core 14 of Phase Two is still in its very early stages, but investigative works have commenced and the FTT process documentation is being compiled.

We will continue to progress this pilot whilst moving forward with the works on Core 6.

Kevin Goodchild
Chairman-KEW RTM Board of Directors
9th August 2018

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