Sheepcote Street & Bath Row/George Road Traffic Regulations Consultations

Very important changes in Sheepcote Street and Bath Row/George Road are up for consultation through the City Council’s Be Heard database. Have your say via online surveys.

You can search easily for these using the Search box on the Be Heard Consultation database. Click here and enter key word(s) eg Sheepcote,  Bath Row, etc.

Or, to go directly:

Click here for Sheepcote Street – consultation closes 19 July.

Click here for Bath Row/George Road – consultation closes 19 July.

For more information on the use of Be Heard click here.

Geoff Caine

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3 Responses to Sheepcote Street & Bath Row/George Road Traffic Regulations Consultations

  1. Ayesha says:

    Yes, I’ve emailed the council and have received a response. I picked up on this issue on another community forum, where the notion of senselessness is echoed. I’ll copy/paste correspondence if anyone wishes me to do so..

  2. account530 says:

    This scheme is going to make vehicular access to Phase 1 from, for example, the Aston Expressway significantly more convoluted. It will mean longer journey times through residential streets not designed to take increased traffic. The bridge on St Vincent Street is undoubtedly going to get much busier as a result of these changes and that will cause more road noise for all those apartments in Phase One and Phase Two that face the canals.

    I’m all for discouraging traffic and increasing usage of public transport and walking but there are many journeys where this is simply not practical. Where’s the sense in allowing through-traffic from taxis and buses to travel South on Sheepcote Street towards KEW but not residents?

    Is anybody planning to object to this scheme?

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