A City Dweller’s Lament About Lost Greenery and Wildlife

It seems that every week a new building development in the Birmingham City Centre is started, and it pretty well always means loss of Trees and Plants.

But trees, bushes and other greenery reduce the most worrisome air pollutants.

Also, David Bellamy, a well-known conservationist ” … believed that a blighted urban landscape, a concrete jungle destroys the human spirit. We need the greenery of nature to lift up our spirits”.

Judith Goddard, a City Centre resident has put into words her thoughts about the destruction of a green area once visible from her apartment. Click here to view.

Further reading:

Growth of city trees can cut air pollution, says BBC article.

Green plants reduce pollution on city streets up to eight times more than previously believed.

Geoff Caine

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2 Responses to A City Dweller’s Lament About Lost Greenery and Wildlife

  1. Judith Goddard says:

    I have confirmed follow but I still can’t read your article.above. I have read the two articles above yours as they are in purple but your article is in black and when I click on it I can’t access it.


  2. Judith Goddard says:

    Geoff, I wonder if I am still subscribed the KEW site as I have tried to read your article above but could not access it. I didn’t receive an email from you alerting me that my article was now on the site. I am sorry if I somehow failed to notice an email asking me to respond to the latest legislation about privacy. Did I have a password?

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