Service Charge Demands

The Service Charge demands for the second half-year are being sent out to Leaseholders.

But when must they be paid by?

I have today received a copy of mine by email.

It has a Demand Date of 25 May and the detailed charges are described as shown below:

Half Year Lift Service Charge in Advance                      1 Jul 2018 31 Dec 2018

Half Year Apartment Service Charge in Advance         1 Jul 2018 31 Dec 2018

I have today queried when this demand should be paid by with a Property Service Advisor in Mainstay head office.

She stated that it must be paid on or before 1 July.

I have also requested clarification from our Property Services Manager Rebecca Whitehead and asked why the demand does not show a Pay By date.

Leaseholders can have a surcharge added to their account for late payment.

Article by Geoff Caine

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1 Response to Service Charge Demands

  1. user4689 says:

    Geoff thank you for taking the time to clarify when these charges are to be paid. Totally agree with you. If a late payment penalty can be incurred Mainstay need to include a Pay By Date.

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