Refuse Letter & Photos 24th April 2018

Letter from the Chairman of the KEW Joint RTM Company to All Residents and Leaseholders….

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“Responses to Refuse Letter & Photos 24th April 2018″

to go below the photos for peoples’ suggestions and comments – and maybe add yours.




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4 Responses to Refuse Letter & Photos 24th April 2018

  1. John says:

    I agree. Giving publicity to the issue is a good first step, but those who obey the rules will soon get fed up if no action is taken against the offenders.

  2. Geoff Caine says:

    Perhaps we need to target the offending Residents not remote Leaseholders. However, pressuring the Leaseholders to take action via their tenants rental agreement might work.

  3. Margaret says:

    Double the service charge for offenders to pay for the extra work is another idea.

  4. emdeefos says:

    Option 1 will mean that those who behave like this will leave their refuse in the corridors – outcome worse than the current situation!
    If some of us won’t behave properly, then Option 2 is the only one!

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