Late Spring Flowers in Birmingham Centre

After a hot few days the week before, the subjects for these photos taken on Monday 23 April were hard to find.

Generally the early Spring blooms were passed their best. Many were showing petals with dry brown edges.

Luckily after much hunting amongst the branches I managed to find  specimens still exhibiting their splendour and inspiring enough to include in this article.

Careful and lengthy photo editing was then needed to get the composition, brightness and colour saturation of the images  as near as possible to that experienced when viewing the real flowers.

Geoff Caine


Below are two Galleries of photos:

Winterbourne Gardens, Edgbaston

Botanical Gardens, Edgbaston

In each Gallery, Click/Tap on an image to start a slideshow. Click/Tap outside an image in the slideshow to return to this page.

Winterbourne Gardens, Edgbaston

Botanical Gardens, Edgbaston

About Geoff Caine

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4 Responses to Late Spring Flowers in Birmingham Centre

  1. Judith Goddard says:

    Looking at your photos again Geoff gives me great pleasure. More please.

  2. Geoff Caine says:

    Hi Judith and Margaret
    Thank you so much for expressing your liking of my photos. It makes my efforts all worthwhile to hear your appreciation.
    Natural things like flowers and greenery are essential for our joy of living.
    Here in Brum the green places have and continue to be built over. – north end of Sheepcote Street for example – this could have been a lovely park-like retreat for us instead of a non-green housing edifice.
    Let’s treasure and support our two nearby Edgbaston gardens in my photos and, nearer home, the City Centre Gardens at the rear of the new Library.

  3. Margaret says:

    Lovely spring photos Geoff.

  4. Judith Goddard says:

    Beautiful photos, Geoff. Your work is wonderful.

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