New Restrictions in Sheepcote Street Limit Access to KEW

Transport for West Midlands, Birmingham City Council and Midland Metro Alliance are working together to limit the use of Sheepcote Street by cars. This will lead to a slightly more tortuous approach to KEW Phase 1.   

New proposals published in the Birmingham Connected March 2018 Update shows that:

  • it will no longer be possible to drive down to the min roundabout access to KEW Phase 1 car park from Saint Vincent Street West
  • it will not be possible to drive down Grosvenor Street West from Ryland Street to reach Sheepcote Street (this access route was previously proposed).

So, to get to KEW Phase 1 from the north, that is from the city centre or Spring Hill one will need to drive round Ryland Street into Broad Street and turn into Sheepcote Street. This is not a great detour and should be relatively quick providing Broad Street retains its Granville Street limit to city bound traffic introduced at the end of January.

Broad Street and surrounding roads are in a state of flux due to ever changing road works for the Metro extension. If Broad Street were to be closed from Five Ways to Sheepcote Street then a further detour would be necessary in order to reach Sheepcote Street.

There are likely to be some challenging times until the Metro works are completed.

Also proposed is a protected parking lane outside the front of KEW Phase 1.

The map below show the latest proposals.

To see more detail on this and other transport topics Click/tap to link over to to view my article on the Birmingham Connected March 2018 Update.
The details are in the section Road improvement consultations.

You can submit your views on these proposals in an Online Survey.

Click/Tap on map below to give enlarged view, and thus enable the tiny annotation boxes to be seen.

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9 Responses to New Restrictions in Sheepcote Street Limit Access to KEW

  1. Alex Elder says:

    I drive as much as most who have cars parked in KEW and I see no problem about what is being proposed in terms of access. What I can’t see is how a proposal that will greatly quieten traffic along Sheepcote Street and improve our surroundings generally can be objected to.
    Do you want huge commercial vehicles trundling past you every time you come out the gates? – because that is what you are supporting. Since the rush hour rat run traffic has found Sheepcote Street we have also seen a steady increase in commercial lorries who have found the route. It is an obvious shortcut to avoid hold-ups on the roundabouts on the inner ring and it has to be protected.

  2. Alex Elder says:

    During all the due process around the development of Metro, BCC have been tasked to monitor and mitigate the effects of additional traffic being channelled specifically along Sheepcote Street. This instruction is enshrined in various formal documents associated with the Metro development, from the TWA Orders Unit response to the initial Metro plan in 2005, to the current Environmental Impact Report on the Metro extension. BCC blithely ignored these instructions, even at one stage re-routing 19 bus routes along Sheepcote Street to add to the huge increase in rat-run traffic caused by closures on Broad Street.
    Those of us facing on to the street are delighted that BCC are at last honouring their commitment and doing something to mitigate the increase in traffic a few feet from our windows. So I would ask that the KEW web site forcibly presents this view in order to balance the negative implications of the initial article; urging web site readers to support the interests of fellow residents previously blighted by traffic on Sheepcote Street; rather than objecting to a significant improvement that will benefit us all both in terms of our immediate environment and probably longer term values within KEW generally.
    On a more general note, policy in all major cities is moving to favour pedestrians and cyclists above cars. If car drivers have to add an additional minute or two to their journey to make our streets safer, healthier and generally more pleasant then I strongly believe that is a price worth paying.

    • Geoff Caine says:


      I have revamped the article and made it descriptive rather than opinionated.
      As regards your wishes for the website style and what is presented, I think your changes could also be criticised for being biased in a particular belief.
      You could always let me have an article to publish with you as author which explains the rationale and desirability behind the reduction in traffic in Sheepcote street. You might then get some energetic support for the reduction.


  3. Rob Clancy says:

    Dear Geoff,

    Thanks for details but I must point out that the premise of this article is that it will create inconvenience for residents, when I believe that the restrictions being put in place will lead to a removal of rat run rush hour traffic and mean KEW core 1 residents will have less traffic to contend with when traveling to and from KEW and make for a safer environment for all including cyclists.

    I would be grateful if the article could be given a more balanced view to inform residents rather an prejudge as an inconvenience. While I fully appreciate the great work done to publish information on this occasion I would ask that the article be made more balanced for the reader rather than an expression of personal views as i believe this web site is for all residents to gain information rather than a platform for individual views.

    Rob Clancy

    • Geoff Caine says:

      Rob, you are right, so I’ve changed the tone of the article to be descriptive rather than opinionated.
      However, I think we as KEW Residents need to be very watchful of measures introduced to lessen Sheepcote Street traffic at the expense of access to KEW.
      The failure to open up Grosvenor Street West for traffic to reach Sheepcote Street as previously proposed is disappointing and an example of what I mean.

      • Rob Clancy says:

        Geoff, fully appreciate the balancing act that needs to be performed when writing articles and I can assure you that I understand how changes made my the local authority can impact all and the need to have balances and checks . On balance the changes proposed are aimed at providing continued access but also improving the local area, removing traffic load ( which is what will be the end result) making KEW access much easier , rather than just removing traffic is the aim. Thank you for your efforts regarding the web site and taking onboard my points. Regards Rob

  4. Rob Clancy says:

    Sheepcote Street has become a rat run as a result of the closures on broadstreet related to the tram extention, We have for over 2 years now dealt with the pollution and noise of this rat run, Large lorries and rush hour traffic all hours even the night time rush at 2am !!! These restrictions will remove rat run traffic from sheepcote street meaning those that live in KEW core 1 will have less traffic to contend with journeying to and from KEW this is a long over due change and I welcome the moved taken by the council to improve the lifes and environment of KEW residents.

    • Rob. Granted that we all need to stop the rat-running, but this proposal is deceitful regarding rights for access. On one hand it claims to recognise the needs for local access but then denies it.
      I have objected to the limitations in the bus lane.
      David Foster

      • Rob Clancy says:

        Hi David, access to KEW 1 is not restricted, access is allowed to enter and exit KEW.

        Like MANY MANY other apartment surrounding KEW they have one way system to allow access for residents this is all that is happening to KEW. This is inline with council policy and guidelines to improve the environment for residents in the city and to push commuting traffic onto the ring road.

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