Distillery Applies for Extra Hours, Music and Films

The Distillery pub across the canal from KEW seems to be trying very hard to survive and, further, be a success unlike the building’s former incarnations.
But will it’s ambitions be popular with KEW Residents?


I urge you to read the information below and, if so inclined, raise a protest to this application ASAP as described in WHAT’s HAPPENNG NOW?


There is a bad history o f late night noise transmitted across the canal to KEW Residents resulting in a near civic revolt.

This resulted in the pubs closure in 2002.


It’s  recently acquired  owner, The Pioneer (City) Pub Company Ltd, has submitted an application to the City Council to vary their Premises Licence. This is posting a small , almost disguised  poster  on one of the pub’s windows and is shown below.

Click/tap to view a larger image in a new window

Extractions from it state:
“…to vary the terminal hour on Fridays and Saturdays for sale of alcohol and recorded music (internally) until 1.0oam and opening hours until 1:30am, to allow on Mondays to Sundays recorded music (externally) from 11:00 to 18:00, to allow the exhibition of film externally from 09:00 to 22:00 and to add and remove certain conditions.”

“If you wish to make a presentation of your views on this application, you have to do so by:
“…writing to The Licensing Section, PO Box 17013, Birmingham, B6 9ES lincensing@birmingham.gov.uk , 0121 303 3986”

Furthermore :
“Representations must be made in writing by 13 February 2018.”

To me it is not clear whether an email will suffice – probably not worth the risk if you want to be heard!


The original pub was closed in 2002 “… because of noise complaints about the music, from occupants of flats built after the pub had been featuring music for some time”.

I recall a battle by Residents of apartments facing the pub across the canal because the internally sourced music was too loud and late running, which they eventually won and the pub was closed in 2002.

It was then bought and refurbished (beautified) by Sherbourne Wharf and reopened on 23 September 2013.

Unfortunately it was not a commercial success, I understand, and  had to close in December 2016.

It was then refurbished again as the “Distillery” and opened in April 2017.

Recently the owners put in a planning application for a temporary Ice Rink to be installed each winter. I understand this has fallen through.



From the above, I personally deduce that:

  • KEW Residents need to give their views (as above) or they will have to resort to the more difficult task of cancelling the application after experiencing it’s anti social nature.
  • Residents must also be aware that semi-covert planning applications placed on pub’s windows may be missed but if so may allow very unwanted, desperate, applications to try for and succeed with business financial success – and this with disregard for local residents who do not wish the Broad Street Friday/Saturday revellers to create noise and bedlam in Sheepcote Street.
  • The long closure period (12 years) of the pub means that the original regular clientele, the staple income of a pub, went elsewhere and are now long established in pubs elsewhere nearby.
  • For the pub to be a success in reopening in a new guise is difficult and needs a complimentary adjacent attraction.
    This was promised by the National Trust and The Canal and River Trust for the adjacent historic Round House 3 years ago but as of today there is no visible progress.
  • In desperation, the London based owners of the Distillery are trying various “attractions” to make the pub viable.

Article by Geoff Caine, Website Administrator

About Geoff Caine

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