War On Litter in Birmingham Ladywood Constituency

Our city centre MP Shabana Mahmood, fed up with litter dumping, is asking for our help in fighting this problem.

KEW Resident Andrew Boden has passed on to me the email below circulated by Shabana.

Rubbish. Litter. Dumping. Fast food wrappings. Old mattresses. Fridges, freezers, you name it, it gets left round here.

Our area – I live in this constituency too – has become a dumping ground. I don’t know about you but I’m fed up with the littering that goes on in our streets on a daily basis. When I see discarded mattresses and overflowing bins my heart sinks.

Something needs to be done.

I’ve been working with local councillors and community activists and we have been demanding that the Council hold a Litter Summit; that they get all the people responsible for keeping the area clean around the table to work out an action plan to sort this out.

The Council has now agreed to hold this summit on Thursday 15th March at 4pm at the Council House.

I want to show all those people at the summit what the people who live here have to endure on a daily basis. Please fill in my online litter survey using this link https://www.shabanamahmood.org/survey/litter-and-dumping-survey . You can also let me know on the survey if you want to attend the summit.

Thank you for your help.

Shabana Mahmood
MP for Birmingham Ladywood

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