Photos of KEW Bridge with Snow and New Lights

From my living room in KEW which overlooks the canal, the KEW Bridge is always inspiring especially in unusual lighting conditions.

Below are two such photos I took from the apartment.

Photos  and article by Geoff Caine

The first {shown below} I took on 4 December 2017 at 11:32 pm as I was impressed with the new lighting that has been installed along the hand rails. It certainly lifts the pleasant  atmosphere of the night time setting.

The canal  may be seen as a lonely and a little daunting place in the dark. This is not so for KEW residents as the comprehensive total  KEW security systems are in place there.

But the lights should increase crossing enjoyment, which, of course they have.

Views from many of our apartments from both phases can enjoy similar views or just walk around to enjoy.

The second I took on 20 December 2010 at 10:16 pm. I was so pleased that I was fortunate in looking bychance outside through a gap  in the curtains and seeing the bridge and canal dressed in fresh snow.

Much camera situations and adjustments were investigated, and then the chosen exposure was edited in Adobe Lightroom software,

I  decided to send the photo to Waterways World magazine. Unfortunately the January 2011 issue had just gone to press.

They liked the photo so much they made a note to publish it in the January 2012 edition on the front cover as shown left.

Below is the original photo.

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2 Responses to Photos of KEW Bridge with Snow and New Lights

  1. Nice Photo’s Geoff

  2. Maureen Fitch says:

    That is such a beautiful sight and congratulations on the skilled photography.

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