Temporary Ice Rink in Distillery Courtyard

A planning application has been submitted for the temporary erection of an Ice-skating Rink in the courtyard of the Distillery public house in Sheepcote Street.

This would operate during the winter months (not yet defined) and operate from 10 am to 10 pm 7 days a week. The rink is to be removed at the end of the winter season.

Comments on the application need to be submitted to the planning office by 14 December.

The planning application is numbered 2017/09618/PA and  can be viewed by clicking here.

One of the associated documents in the application gives a good description of what is proposed. You can view this by clicking here.

You can submit a comment by filling in the on-line form accessible by clicking here.

The rink would be sited in the courtyard in front of the Roundhouse (on the left of this photo)

Article by Geoff Caine

About Geoff Caine

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2 Responses to Temporary Ice Rink in Distillery Courtyard

  1. John McDermott says:

    I have the same concerns as David. When Earle Whiteman took over the F&B he went to great lengths to consult with KEW residents ahead of his Planning Application. This resulted in some double glazing and sound limiting measures. Earle made a point of acting like a ‘good neighbour’. Disappointingly, this appears not to be happening this time.

  2. David Foster says:

    I have sent in a comment. My only issue is over the (undisclosed) issue of amplified sound/music. Outdoor skating rinks often have loud music playing and this must not be allowed (again!) in the Fiddle & Bone/Distillery courtyard. We had painful episodes of that 16 years ago in the later years of the original F&B!

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