For Sale: Pro Step Mini Exerciser

An easy way to keep your body in trim.

Just stand on the device in your home and activate for 10 minutes to give you the equivalent of a 1 hour session at the gym (so the makers claim).

Essentially it shakes your body throughout and in doing so it is claimed that it:

  • reduces unwanted fat around the thighs, waist and abdomen
  • promotes weight loss
  • increases core stability (refer to link below) by targeting the muscles deep within the abdomen

For more detailed information on the product, benefits and the supplier Proven Products Ltd  click here.

I found it to be exhilarating and felt enlivened after 10 minutes just standing on it. It certainly worked for me.
It has several programs targeted on what you want to exercise and achieve.

My visiting grown up offspring love to use it and my grandchildren giggle at their vibrating voices – a great family treat!

Why am I wishing to sell this?

I have now read that rowing is the best form of ensuring overall fitness and so have now purchased a home rowing machine, which is far more strenuous and hence demanding mentally but I personally need to feel I am pushing myself to fitness – and being retired I have the time!

That’s just me but for a person out at work all day a 10 minute vibrator session  is very relaxing as well as creating fitness and achievement.

The current new price on ebay is £350 which is what I paid in June 2016 – click here to see.

However, cut price merchants have moved into the market (on the reputation of this device, I think) and are offering similarly described devices at around £100 and above, but perhaps without such robustness for daily use – important !

So, reluctantly, I’m asking just £100 for a sale to KEW Residents who can view, try  and have it delivered by me. (it is heavy!).

If you’d like to see and sample the device, email me on .

Geoff Caine

Gallery of photos:

PS At the Grand Designs exhibition recently at the NEC there was not just a stand about this supplier’s device but several others indicating that perhaps people feel it is a success by referrals from others?



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