Homes of High Performance Cars Targeted by Thieves

It seems that high performance versions of cars with non-exotic marques are being targeted by robbers. 

The warning from wmnow is given below, but I have information about how you can lose your car by a night-time raid on your garage.

It appears that once your high performance car is spotted by a gang of thieves during your travel in the city you are followed covertly to your home. Then in the middle of the night your garage is forced and your car’s digital security system readily disarmed and away goes your car.

Apparently the stolen cars are stripped of their expensive high performance parts which are then sold through unscrupulous advertisers on the web.

But I imagine the same could happen to any highly desirable expensive car.

I have highly reliable first hand actual evidence of this. The nocturnal attack will be repeated by the thieves if spoiled on their first visit.

My source has had to garage the car away from home and advertise that the garage does not now contain the car in order to avoid raids on home and indeed family in their intrusion.

To have this to happen to you is a most distressing, stressful and depressing on-going experience added to your personal pain  if the car is your pride and joy and what you have worked hard for.

So, please take the wmnow warning seriously. Their simple steering clamp might work at the moment but those determined to steel will always find a way.

Also please warn anyone you know who has such a car, so we can defeat these unwanted parasites from attacking our society’s decent values and behaviour.

Article by Geoff Caine

Below is the article by wmnow.

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