West Midland Safari Park – What a Local Gem

Living in Birmingham gives us great opportunities for arts and music. But one thing is a little missing – a Zoo!
But within a 30 minute drive you can enter a world of splendid wild animals in a beautiful rural setting that surpasses city zoos with their animals in enclosures.

West midland Safari Park is supreme amongst wild animal sites and is available to see for you and I.

It exists alongside the pleasure rides in the adjacent pleasure park (a single entrance fee allows entrance to both).

Driving your car around the meandering roads of the animal park is easy and relaxing. Take your time and stop for a short while and you will be rewarded with animals approaching you in your car out of curiosity – mostly friendly – and always a joy to see them close up. Make sure your car windows are closed as they approach as they can be over friendly.

There are some truly beautiful animals you can get close to, not just the giraffes which are my particular favourite. It would seem that the open air lifestyle afforded for them keeps them clean and happy, as they all seem to be in good moods and curious to meet you near at hand.

The really wild animals – lions and tigers – are in spacious areas enclosed by wire netting, so photography is challenging though not impossible. Take a long focal lens for your camera if you have one.

If you are keen on photography like me you will be in your element! The opportunities are yours to explore, but don’t try a selfie with any of them, in fact don’t leave your car as this is sehr verboten!

Below is a gallery of photos I took recently to illustrate what you can see.

Article and Photos by Geoff Caine


Click on an image below to set off a slideshow of the gallery then Click outside any image to return here.



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