Autumn at Winterbourne Edgbaston 2017

Winterbourne House and Gardens is a very pleasant place to have a light lunch on the terrace outside the historic house and then wander around the splendidly ornate yet natural gardens and streams.

Every season is strongly portrayed here and Autumn with all its leaf complexities is particularly impressive.  And so are the flowers that the gardeners have managed to cultivate and blossom alongside the withering leaves.

And as you can see a Robin has arrived – how English and superb!

This place is frequented by people with different objectives from the nearby Botanical Gardens. Here you will not encounter many children playing on the lawns. Here there are no private events, that I’m aware of,  eg wedding receptions. But they do have nature and craft related events, some aimed at including families and children.

But largely and more often the place is serene.

The tea room and lunchtime café is very acceptable for a non-formal lunch or afternoon tea.

The whole place is informal but nevertheless picturesque as a centre city peaceful retreat  and it is well maintained.

Below is a gallery of photos I took recently.

If you compare these photos with those I posted on 21 October last year, you can see that Autumn has arrived 2 or 3 weeks earlier (reference the walled garden building has far less leaves this year at this date.)

Geoff Caine, October 2017


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1 Response to Autumn at Winterbourne Edgbaston 2017

  1. keithbracey says:

    As a member of staff at Birmingham University I get free entry to Winterbourne House and Gardens and often spend my lunch hour there along with the Barber Institute just over the road, the best small Art gallery in Europe…….both are hidden gems in the city of Birmingham with the huge lake of Edgbaston Golf Club accessible from Winterbourne.

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