Sheepcote Access to Broad Street Closeure at End of Week

It seems that a mobile crane will be placed in Sheepcote Street this weekend and this may require road closures between Broad Street and the small roundabout outside Brindleyplace from 10:00 on Friday 13 October until 06:00 on Monday 16 October.

So says the leaflet below which has been posted to at least one apartment development in Sheepcote Street.

The company, named on the leaflet is  Nationwide Travel Solutions which  is unknown to me and does not exhibit any relationship to or authorisation from Birmingham City Council.

However it may be safer to assume that Residents of Sheepcote Street (or other travellers) will not be able to drive their cars to or from Broad Street during this period using the roads in the above Google Earth image.

Geoff Caine

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2 Responses to Sheepcote Access to Broad Street Closeure at End of Week

  1. Geoff Caine says:

    Thanks for your comment; I think you’re probably right.
    They’ve had a mobile crane working the last two weekends without a letter appearing, so why issue a letter for this one?
    I think they are building a new crane for the phase 2 construction which is much taller. If they hit access problems they may use Oozells Way as well.
    There is also the matter that there is generally some confusion over which street is Oozels Way and which is Sheepcote Street.
    With all these possibilities we thought it wise to say that the access to Broad Street “may” be closed.

  2. Tim Winn says:

    From the letter it looks like it is just the small section of Sheepcote Street that runs past the Brasshouse to the BP roundabout. If so, we should still be able to use Oozels St to get from Broad St to that roundabout and onwards to the remainder of Sheepcote St – but I agree it’s better to err on the side of caution

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