Your Experience of Vélo Birmingham is Needed

By all accounts the Vélo cycle event was a success, especially for the 15000 riders and on locking enthusiasts.

But what is your view of its organisation?

Listening to city locals (and further afield), there seem to have been problems with setting the expectations of city centre residents as to how they would be affected and restricted  – use of their cars, access problems for the emergency services, no buses running along local routes to the city, lack of taxi access for those in need, etc

Already, as the 2017 race was still running, people were being encouraged to register to take part in the 2018 event without the local resident population being informed let alone consulted.

Why should this be?

Local Residents Meeting

There is a meeting of local people next this week about what they would like to happen in the upcoming 2018 event. This is to initiate a strategy for putting forward to the Vélo organisers and their parallel City Council team for the 2018 event.

It is an open meeting – anyone can turn up or leave and take part.

Your views and ideas to help the organisers do even better next year are valuable.

It is planned to run from just 10am to 11am next Friday 6 October.
It takes part in the local hostelry  – the Brasshouse, 44 Broad Street, B1 2HP.

Local prominent West Side Business Improvement District (BID) elected officers will help facilitate and steer the strategy. But your views will be heard and noted.

Email Your Views Beforehand

If you have a comment to help the meeting, please fill in the email details below.

Your views and ideas to help the organisers do even better next year are valuable.

It’s very simple and does not define who you are and where you live. No contact information supplied will be made available to any external bodies except myself as Administrator and will not be given to third parties.

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