Fire Fighters Support “Slower is Safer” Campaign

KEW Resident Fran Elder has submitted an article for publication here on the part being played by our Fire Fighters to support the Slower is Safer campaign for Birmingham’s roads.

Fran is enthusiastic about getting vehicle drivers to slow down and is Birmingham 20’s Plenty for Us Coordinator.

Fran’s Article:

Photo by Geoff Caine

Fire fighters Martin Nokes, Matt Gilbert and officers of Ladywood White Watch with Ladywood Councillor Kath Hartley and Fran




Photograph by Alex Elder

Fire fighters Peter Simmonds & Peter Carter from Highgate Blue Watch with Sparkbrook Councillor Tony Kennedy with 20’s Plenty Birmingham





Save Lives #Slow Down!
Local Fire Officers supporting Slower Is Safer Campaign
During United Nations ‘Slow Down’ International Road Safety Week 8th-14th May 2017

Local fire officers and councillors were photographed with fire engines seen around the city sporting the Birmingham City Council 20mph logo ‘Slower is Safer’. The logos are to remind and encourage drivers to stick to the new 20mph enforceable speed limits.

Fire fighters are adopting an important role in getting the message across that Slower Speeds Save Lives and today it is more important than ever to obey the speed limit. Officers displayed the powerful tools they use to cut drivers from their crashed vehicles. It was sobering to see such equipment designed to extract people with soft and vulnerable tissue from their metal vehicles.

Station commander and officers at White Watch have surveyed speeds on City Road where some drivers were seen to be speeding excessively. Officers deployed a VEHICLE ACTIVATED SPEED SIGN (VASS) to great effect reducing speeds significantly. The signs are activated as drivers approach and display ‘Slow Down’ if exceeding the limit.



20’s Plenty Birmingham would encourage other bodies within Birmingham to support Road Safety and the new 20mph limits by acting as pacers to remind other drivers that things have changed. Speeding is costly in terms of lives, resources, the environment, and impact on families and society in general. A simple and cheap option to promote the new policy would be for licensed taxis, publicly subsidized buses, companies contracted to the council for public works or suppliers of catering products to schools etc. to do their bit by sticking to speed limits and especially displaying bumper stickers supporting the new limits.

Please sign up and pledge that you are sticking to the speed limits #SlowDown

Article by Fran Elder

About Geoff Caine

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