Spectacular Blooms – Spring is Passing the Baton to Summer

The Botanical Gardens in Edgbaston were resplendent with spectacular flowers over the Easter weekend although the sun was a little shy in putting in an appearance.

From the café and greenhouses the view was of Spring with a profusion of crocuses (see above).

However, wandering away from this entrance area into the smaller pathways I was rewarded with a variety of spectacular blooms, the names of which escape me but nonetheless they amazed me with their vibrant colours and complexities of form.

As I write this the gardens should be well worth a visit to be gladdened by the beauty of nature.

If anyone can name the flowers I’ll publish their submission with those of others. Use the comment facility* below and refer to the picture numbers in the captions, or contact me by email  .

  • Please be aware that due to an over lengthy and largely irrelevant comment  added by someone, I have had to resort to approving your comment before it appears on the website.

Article by Geoff Caine

Gallery of photos I took

Click on an image below to set off a slideshow of the gallery then  Click outside any image to return here.

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