Resident’s Surgery Feedback 3 April 2017

Residents Surgery 140x91Shakela has issued her feedback to questions asked by Residents at the 3 April Resident’s Surgery.

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King Edwards Wharf, Sheepcote Street Resident Surgery April 2017

We held a Residents Surgery on Monday 3rd April 2017 which has had a lower turn out than we had anticipate but I hope was still worthwhile for those that did attend. We have included a number of questions that were raised during the surgery as this may be of interest other residents.

Q. We noticed the jet washing in phase 2 courtyard area and are really impressed with the outcome, when will maintenance start on Phase 1 courtyard?

We have purchased a machine solely for this purpose and we are happy you can see the immense difference this has made. The cooping stones have been blitzed and look amazing! Paul will start w/c 3rd April in Phase 1 courtyard area. He will start jet washing from Core 6.

Q. I have a white streaks on my windows to my apartment and it’s like a stain? What can be done about this and who is responsible?

The window cleaners come every quarter and clean the windows. We can request the window cleaners to view the stain/streak and advise accordingly. If the stain/streak is in between the window glazing then unfortunately this is the responsibility of the resident as stated in the lease agreement.

Q. When is the FTT meeting likely to be held for Leaseholders to attend?

The FTT process is currently ongoing and the latest is that there will be a conference scheduled for the 10th and 11th of May 2017. We are hopeful that the panel will then be in a position to make a final determination on the case. We are currently putting together budgeted costs for the complete works at King Edwards Wharf and expect to have a formal residents meeting to invite residents to discuss the matter further. This will include a discussion around the stages that have been completed until this time and the proposed options going forward. At this time no residents at King Edwards Wharf have received any correspondence regarding the anticipated costs as these are not known at this time. We do hope to be able to update residents shortly with regards to budgeted costs and a leaseholders meeting.

 Q. Are we able to have our cooping stones jet washed by maintenance on our internal balcony?

Paul will assess the balcony area and advise residents accordingly who require this. He is using an industrial machine and the jet washing may not be suitable in most apartments. Should you wish to have an assessment carried out please speak to Paul or the Kew team to arrange this.

 Q. How often are the communal flues been checked/replaced? A boiler company advised us to have the main flue changed?

A number of the flues that vent exhaust gases from the boilers cross the communal hallways in voids above the ceilings. In an effort to ensure that the flues are able to be correctly inspected a number of hatches have been installed to enable a gas engineer to complete the required gas safety inspection and testing. The actual flue is the responsibility of the individual leaseholders whose boiler is connected to them and so if they require replacement the leaseholder will need to organise these works. We are happy to assist leaseholders who are completing these works as some flue replacements may require a cherry picker to enable the engineer to complete the external works. We would also recommend that those apartments in core 1 and 2 contact Birmingham City council as the structure is locally listed.

The concierge team are on site 24 hours a day, seven days and week and can be contacted on 0121 665 6317 or 07870 781 480 or by emailing Shakela.

The next surgery is proposed to take place on Mon 12th June 2017 but we will be calling a residents meeting in the meantime to discuss the results of the FTT conference in greater detail.


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