Local Canal Side Beautifying – Stage 1 Weeding

od4a9778Having asked for local volunteers to do some weeding of an overgrown canal side,  14 local residents “raised their hands” and said aye and turned up on Saturday 4 March dressed for hard work.


Chris Hart, Property Services Manager of King Edwards Wharf (KEW) had appealed for volunteers on using posters produced by Shakela Farid, KEW Development Manager, and displayed on local apartment notice boards and also  a recent post on this website added to this.

The Event

By 10:10 am all volunteers who had previously offered their help assembled on the towpath and listened to some guidance before beginning work.

Steve, a Canal & River Trust man in charge of local canal projects using volunteers, briefly advised the assembled.

He had arrived armed with picks, forks and spades, refuse sacks, and the local canal utility boat to cart away filled sacks of weeds.

Whilst not trying to tell people how to clear the weeds he did warn of possible dangers encountered during such work.  These were:

  • work on different areas so as not to spear your work colleague with a fork!
  • needles which he said should be reported to him but not touched (none were found!)
  • speeding cyclists – he said anyone spotting one approaching should shout bike! and volunteers should react and move out of the way very quickly!

He then covered how the over grown verge would be cultivated in the coming year or so. This is:

Stage 1: Today -clearing of weeds and brambles.

Stage 2: Spring 2017 – wait for new growth of weeds then eliminate with weed killer.

Stage 3: Spring 2017- plant wild flowers.

Stage 4: Autumn 2017- mow the flowers to enable planting of spring bulbs.

Result: Spring 2018 there would be a wonderful display of daffodils, crocuses, etc,  and wild flowers continuing through the summer.

Everyone then set out to work energetically. I’ve rarely seen such commitment and  enthusiasm to get the job done by 1 pm.

Having said that there was no pressure – people were able to do their own thing, work at their own comfortable pace and rest when they needed it. So, a totally stress-free event.

The event also created much friendly banter amongst what are locality neighbours.

By 11:45 mission was accomplished and I took a group photo. This and other photos of people at work are shown in the Galleries below.

Article and photography by Geoff Caine


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Gallery below shows what was achieved.

What a brilliant job was done!

All praise to the those lovely people who devoted their Saturday morning to this for the benefit of all!

Gallery below shows the volunteers at work.

Please excuse my attempts at humour in the captions.


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3 Responses to Local Canal Side Beautifying – Stage 1 Weeding

  1. Nick Cleaver says:

    Fantastic effort by everyone and thank you all so much. I spoke to Dan Allen today from our waterway team and in the next week or so we will spray the area to kill off any nasty’s ready to start sowing the seeds for the meadow. Next project is tree planting on the other side of the canal. I’ll be talking to Chris in the next few days and he will let you know when we need willing volunteers. The trees are all fruiting, cherry, apple, pear, peach and a few grapevines! Your efforts will help create the urban orchard we are planting, running from Monument road bridge all the way through the city to Spaghetti Junction ( the canal junction underneath is called Salford Junction) I look forward to working with you all again soon. And once again Thanks so much.

  2. Geoff Caine says:

    I’m very gad you liked the web page and the efforts put in by the volunteers. It really was a joy to attend – people did indeed put their backs into it (I do hope they haven’t also put their backs out as a result). I have a long term back problem and so couldn’t help. But I did take the photos, edit them and write the article – several hours work over the weekend.
    Why not look out for Chris’ next visit to KEW, usually on a Monday, and speak to him about your dislike of the garden areas. He is a great listener and gets things done being especially interested in the local community being happy.

  3. Maureen Fitch says:

    I look forward to seeing the result of all this hard work and congratulations to all the people who worked so hard. What a pity that we couldn’t have done something like this in the garden areas of Phase 11 instead of having the look at oversize pots which are becoming an eyesore! These are my constant view but I will definitely enjoy seeing the lovely result at the canal side when I go for a walk. Keep up the good work Geoff – I do enjoy your posts.

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