20mph & Health Conference on 8 March in Birmingham

20s-plenty-logo-2If you’re serious about limiting the speed of, or pollution caused, by traffic then this is the conference for you in Birmingham.

KEW Resident and Birmingham 20’s Plenty for Us Coordinator Fran Elder has circulated the poster below about an upcoming conference on the 20’s Plenty campaign.

Posted by Geoff Caine

A 20’s Plenty for Us Press Release Feb 2017 
20mph limits tackle many transport and public health issues including street safety, physical exercise, obesity, coronary heart disease and more. Public Health staff are strongly encouraged to attend the 20’s Plenty for Healthier Places Conference on Weds 8th March 2017. Health and slower speed experts will discuss best practice, innovation, research and cost effectiveness.  20mph limits are healthy and affordable.  Councillors set local speeds.
20’s Plenty for Us
…making your place a better place to be
16m people live where 20mph is the normal speed limit.  The 20’s Plenty for Healthier Places conference will showcase progress on implementing and educating drivers across Great Britain. 20mph promotes wellbeing for all those in built up areas. NICE recommend 20mph limits for reducing obesity and early deaths, better air quality and preventing unintentional injuries.  20mph limits reduce diesel emissions (NOx and PM10s) equivalent to taking half the petrol cars off the road. The multiple health benefits include:
oV2PM[1]20% less injuries
oV2PM[1]Exercise rises
oV2PM[1] Walking rises
oV2PM[1] Popular
oV2PM[1]Obesity reduction
oV2PM[1] Mental Health
oV2PM[1]Heart healthy
oV2PM[1]Modal shift
oV2PM[1]Family/Play Friendly
oV2PM[1]Less Traffic
oV2PM[1]Air Quality
oV2PM[1]Dementia Friendly
oV2PM[1]Human Rights
oV2PM[1]Half as noisy
oV2PM[1] Social care costs
oV2PM[1]Health improvement
  • An update on the Atkins DfT National report on 20mph limits Jane Robinson
  • Results from 20mph limit places including Paul Butcher, Director of Public Health for Calderdale and Roy O’Connor from Dublin
  • Andrea Lee, Healthy Air Campaigner ClientEarth on the positive effects of 20mph limits on air quality
  • 20’s Plenty for Villages too – Rod King MBE, Director of 20’s Plenty for Us
  • Birmingham’s Cabinet Member for Transport, Cllr Stewart Stacey
  • Birmingham’s Ambulance Police Services – Wesley Williams and Chief Insp Jared White
  • Average speed cameras, compliance and enforcement – Geoff Collins, Jenoptik
  • “Repeater signs now optional!” The latest regs improve benefit/cost ratios to £1.50 p head. Anna Semlyen, 20’s Plenty National Campaign Manager
  • 20mph in London and Vision Zero Simon Bradbury Transport for London
  • Reducing road danger, Gary Rae of the charity BRAKE
An exciting conference programme is regularly updated at http://www.20splenty.org/2017_20s_plenty_conf
Landor LINKS are the organisers, with 20’s Plenty booking speakers.  Birmingham Council have offered their banqueting suite near New Street station. It is sponsored by Jenoptik.
Places £155-279 plus VAT. 20mph campaigners can contact rod.k@20splenty.org for a discounted to £30 place.
Please let us know if you or your staff can attend the 20’s Plenty for Healthier Places Conference on 8th March in Birmingham.
Thank you – Anna Semlyen, 20’s Plenty for Us Campaign Manager, T: 07572 120439  e Anna.s@20splenty.org www.20splenty.org, Follow us on Twitter @20splentyforus or @AnnaSemlyen1

20’s Plenty for Us

…making your place a better place to be
Attend the 8 March 2017, 20’s Plenty Healthier Places Conference in Birmingham www.20splenty.org/2017_20s_plenty_conf

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