Bin Store is Loved (by Some)

_mg_5625If you visited the bin store in Phase 1 earlier this week you would have been horrified to see the chaos of badly dumped rubbish including furniture and similarly constructed items that the Council do not remove without prior arrangement.

The whole store was overloaded and the Council workers were unable to reach the bins and wheel them out. This was partly due to the items that individuals should have taken to the public recycle centres run by the Council. As the Council wouldn’t or couldn’t  remove it, the mess got worse and worse and may even have encouraged other individuals to dump in the same way.

To the rescue came our Concierge team, led by Shakela, namely Paul (Maintenance Manager) and Lesley (Phase 1 Housekeeper) who must have worked very hard to make the store accessible by the Council refuse people and then tidy up after.

I now wish it had occurred to me to take a photo of the chaos. But below is a photo of how neat the store is this evening – long may it remain so.

Well done to Paul and Lesley!!

The recycling centres are listed here. I fine the James Road, Tyseley, B11 2BA the most convenient.

Article by Geoff Caine


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3 Responses to Bin Store is Loved (by Some)

  1. Margaret says:

    I so agree with the above. What also bugs me is that people do not flatten their cardboard boxes, and some of them are huge. Get the scissors out if you can’t physically flatten them. Not too much to ask surely?

  2. Eva O'Connell says:

    Yes indeed well done Paul & Lesley, Who do a wonderful job and are there for all of us not just a selfish few. This is not the first time. Maybe the concierge could check daily and catch any offenders.
    Perhaps a prominent notice advising these residents that they are obliged to behave better
    or be charged for removal and any other expenses incurred

  3. David Foster says:

    Well done, indeed! With less-committed people, we could have had a greater problem – which I don’t need to spell out!
    We are all responsible for this communal area; it isn’t only Mainstay’s responsibility.

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